Cutting tools

Turning - From a job production to series production.

With our CNC lathes we are able to produce medium-sized and larger series according to your drawings. In addition, cycle-controlled lathes are available for prototypes and small series. Our product spectrum ranges from standard components to special-purpose components.

The material is processed according to your instructions where, upon request, we are also able to provide the finished products with a surface finish.

Milling - Accurate production.

In the area of CNC milling, we are specialised in the production of prototypes as well as small and medium-sized series. We produce simple components as well as components with complex geometries.

Our machinery equipment comprises of state-of-the-art three-axis and four-axis CNC units enabling us to process a variety of materials accurately and with a high surface quality.


In order to produce accurate geometries and workpiece surfaces, the traditional grinding of surfaces employing various grinding methods also forms part of our programme where we are able to offer circular, flat and centreless grinding.